Is it feasible for Connecticut to adopt a criminal justice system that is more like that of Norway and/or Germany? Are there other international best practices that would serve as reform models for Connecticut? The answer to these questions will require strategic fact-finding of best practice combined with a coordinated and collaborative study of law, policy, economics, culture, and regulations that govern each respective system, culminating in the drafting of corresponding policy recommendations for Connecticut.

Rates of Incarceration: How Does CT Compare to the Rest of the Word?

The Department of Corrections (DOC) is the largest employer in the state of Connecticut and has been for several years. Over the last two decades, CT has made great strides to improve its department of corrections by establishing new, more modern, and humane units, such as the T.R.U.E. Unit (Cheshire) and W.O.R.T.H Unit (York), and to reduce the total number of incarcerated persons. In many ways, CT has been a leader in justice reform in the nation, yet it continues to incarcerate far more people than other European nations. In this way, one can argue that CT is the best of the worst.