Institute of Criminology, University of Tübingen

The Institute of Criminology was founded in 1962 within the Faculty of Law of the University of Tubingen.

Research spans a variety of topics, including criminal sanctions, violent crimes, reentry from prison, sexual delinquency, and juvenile criminology.

2022 publications address issues including cybercrime victimization, democratic education in juvenile prisons, and rehabilitation of terrorists.

The Institute maintains a large criminology library as well as the Criminological Information Service, which contributes to the supply and distribution of criminology literature.

Institute of Criminology Brochure

Ministry for Justice and Migration Baden-Württemberg

The ministry for Justice and Migration is one of 12 ministries in Baden-Wurttemberg.

It contains the courts, prosecutors, correctional system, and probation office.

The other side of the ministry deals with immigration, migration, visitation, and asylum.

Ministry for Justice and Migration Website

State Office for Probation and Court Assistance

This office exists within the Ministry for Justice and Migration, and handles probation, court assistance, and victim-offender mediation.

The broad goals of the office are to reintegrate offenders into society and reduce recidivism.

In 2021 the office had about 17,300 offenders in the probation service and handled over 10,000 orders of court assistance and about 1,500 orders of victim-offender mediation.

State Office for Probation and Court Assistance Website

Stuttgart Prison

Stuttgart Prison (also known as Stammheim prison) opened as a supermax prison in 1964. It has been renovated and expanded many times since then. Capacity (as of 2018) was 739.

Stuttgart has both single and group detention rooms, with separate bathrooms and shared showers and kitchens. Prisoners can pay a fee for access to a television and can purchase other things like fans or game consoles.

Stuttgart has three full time and 2 volunteer teachers, and 250 jobs available to inmates

Stuttgart Prison Website

Seehaus Leonberg

Seehaus Leonberg is a home and school for delinquent youth 24 and younger, especially those who have committed violent crimes.

5-7 youth live in the house with “house parents” and their children, simulating a family environment rather than a prison environment for youth.

They offer a 1-year vocational program in which youth can begin an apprenticeship in construction, metalworking, carpentry, gardening, or landscaping.

Seehaus Leonberg Website


Präventsozial is an NGO that works to prevent crime and recidivism in youth and adults.

Their projects include:

  • INSA+2, a work program for former inmates
  • Assisted living for those released from prison or struggling with addiction, trauma, or delinquency.
  • Outpatient care for violent offenders and sex offenders
  • Community service placement and assistance for those on probation
  • Parent-child relationship assistance for incarcerated parents and their children
  • Animal therapy for offenders, those at risk of offending, and victims.
  • Financial advice and support for offenders
  • Victim and witness support

Praevantsozial Website

Project Chance in Creglingen-Frauental

Project Chance is the sister project of Seehaus Leonberg.

Has capacity for up to 15 youth and works with youth ages 14-21

Also works with old prisoners being released and helps reintegrate or place them.

Project Chance Website