Per Sigurd Väge

International Advisor & Director | Kriminalomsorgsdirektoratet, Norway

Per Sigurd Våge is a director in the Correctional Service of Norway. Since graduating from law studies in 1984, he has been a professional practitioner in the governmental field of justice, in various roles as a prosecutor, judge, lawyer in the police, prison governor, and since 2001 the regional director in the Correctional Service. From 2019-21 he was stationed in the bilateral mission in Kyiv, Ukraine as an international expert in the Rule of Law, enhancing the Ukrainian probation service. In all leading roles of management, development, rule of law, and security he has been innovative and motivated to enhance the organization towards evidence-based methods and best practices. His priority and perspective have been strong on each individual person serving their sentences, in a measure of stability to the social contract of each government in office. Per Sigurd is a person with an optimistic and curious mindset in his professional and private life.

Elin Schie – Med hilsen

Fengselsleder | Indre Østfold fengsel

Elin started working in the correctional service in January 2007. She worked 10 years in
Oslo prison and moved to Eidsberg prison in February 2017, where they opened a brand
new facility in June 2017. Elin is in charge of the activities and all the departments in the
prison, both high and low security.